You Can't Stop Me

You can’t stop me

From having a perspective

Even if it is inconvenient

Or contradicts yours.

You can’t stop my voice

From becoming louder

When it gets ignored.

The doors that swing in the faces of those

Who get overlooked

Are only temporary barriers

For those of us with the strength

Of a conviction that tell us

Not that we are right,

But that what we say is true.

My truth might inconvenience you

Or make you feel like you have to defend your territory

But it does not mean that it is false.

Or wrong.

My truth makes you unhappy

Because you feel like the loudness of your voice

No longer matters.

That you might have to shout to be heard.

Or that you will be inconvenienced in some way.

You’re afraid.

And I understand fear makes some people take up arms

Against those who are less powerful than them.

I ask you to drop your weapons

In the name of peace

And listen

For the first time in your life.