If you think transformation is easy

Or that living on the margins of someone else’s

Idea of normalcy

Is alright

Then I invite you into my body

Into this so-called holy place.

If you think you know the way the world works

In all its cruelty and splendor

Then I invite you to fix

What is wrong

With humanity.

If your hubris

Makes you believe that you know

Just know

What is right,

Then I invite you to speak to what is wrong

In this world

Between people

Who value life

And those who think that the value of some lives

Is dearer than others.

I want to ask you to fall on your knees

And beg those who put


Above kindness

Above peace

Above slipping into the shoes

Of those who profoundly suffer

Because you make arbitrary rules

And call yourself King.

I want you to bow at the feet

Of women and children

And unlikely heroes

That speak the truth of suffering

Because they are the only connection to humanity you have.

I want you to live one day with a sensitive heart,

With a bleeding heart,

With a beautiful heart

That is trying to hold all the world’s suffering

At bay

So that you are not taken asunder

So that you are not diminished

And crushed by the weight of the suffering of others

That you blithely

Turn a blind eye to.

Suffering is human

But humans who suffer

At the hands of another person’s

Construction of them as evil

When all they are trying to do is get a foothold

On freedom


A taste of what their bodies could and should

Feel like,

Look like,

When they are truly theirs.

These are the humans who suffer the greatest injustice.

The deep cavern of uncaring.

The sting of thoughtless dismissal.

That tells them

They are worth nothing

But bother.