Swim in Hope

I want to swim in hope

Encircled by the space between what is

And what could be.

I want to know that children are safe

And free.

I want to carefully repair

All the broken hearts of mothers

With a needle and some fine thread

Made of strands of their own children’s hair.

I want to be there for those who have lost everything

And still search

Never giving up the fight

To fit the pieces of their broken hearts back together.

But a mother’s will will not be broken

You cannot ruin her.

Not even in the face

Of her so-called “criminality”

Or by ripping her children from her breast.

For you ignite the fierceness of her passions

Through these ungodly acts.

You have not seen anything

Like the cold-blooded depths

Of a mother’s heart.

You have not felt the fury

Of a woman who is set on fire

By the love of her child.

You will not rest

Until they are together again.

May your eyes not close

May your heart never feel peaceful

Again a day in your life

Until you see every last

Innocent child

In the warm embrace

Of her family.

We will not lose hope

Or faith.

This kind of injustice only fuels us

With the fury and fiery rage

The strength

Of a thousand

Erupting volcanoes.

I promise you that

You will not sleep.

You will never rest.

Until every child

Lays again

Upon her mother’s breast.