Some People Want You To Bleed

Some people want you to bleed.

Cloaked in fear and self-hatred

Filled with vengeful thoughts,

They want you to suffer.

You have felt this too.

You have wanted to see others squirm

And writhe

In the pain

That you have so carefully

Or clumsily

Made for them.

We may have black spots

On our hearts

But we are far from evil.

So many of us

Stew in a lukewarm pots

Of what we think we know

Bathing in the filth of what we have learned

What makes us who we are.

Maybe it’s hate

Maybe it’s fear

Maybe it’s a mix of scars

Written on your heart and soul

Crisscrossing your body

Like the stain of youth.

You fear the world

And so try to make it fear you.

You suffer.

So they should.

But this does not have to be your life.

You are more than this.

These years of wildness

Uncontrolled fury

Not even remotely

Under your control.

You can live as you suffered

Or you can suffer for

Something different.

So that you can be human

Without fear.

The world doesn’t deserve

Your reprisal.

It deserves


Your love.