So Many Things

So many things

That you were sure you couldn’t do

And did.

So many ways your dreams were dashed

And you thought it was the end.

Only to find new,

More fruitful


You have traded a lot for where you are now.

Maybe your sense of self.

Your self-esteem.

Maybe a little starvation.

Maybe even a little manipulation.

But you are not bad.

Not wrong.

You did what you needed to survive.

In a man’s world.

Where youth is everything.

And where you slowly disappear

Into the background

Of endless possibilities for becoming.

Mistress of the universe
You might not yet be

But that is because you misunderstand yourself
As fading

Instead of becoming.

Becoming all you were meant to be

From scrape-kneed girl

To full-blown

Let them have it woman.

You get to decide life on your own terms

Even though it feels like those terms have already been inscribed on your soul.

But those who wrote them there
Can’t catch you now.

Can’t tell you what to do.

You are you own woman

With her own voice

And an unbridled passion for the truth.

Your truth.

No one else’s.


And what’s yours is the only thing you need

To carve out a new template

On your soul.

You are the rock.

You are the refuge.

You are the only one who can save you.

This I know for sure.