Glint of Sunlight

Happiness may only last seconds

Like the glint of sunlight on the water

Catching your eye

And blinding you

For one beautiful moment.

You can still be grateful in the midst of fear

And uncertainty.

Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps us moored,

Anchored in place

So that we don’t float off into ruminations

About how our lives will be ruined by what could be

But isn’t.

We may go long stretches

Without feeling warmth in our hearts

Or really anything at all.

Trudging, as we do,

Toward tomorrow,

Where no spectacular meaning awaits.

But love awaits

And food

And the necessities of life

Around each corner we find ourselves

Blessed with all that is

Despite fears of all that won’t be.

We can’t hide our hearts and insulate ourselves

From the pain that is necessary,

Inevitable, really,

To our survival as a species.

As a group that can’t take much for granted,

But that does.

We can create the conditions of our misery,

Just as much as the mind and the body

Make what was once easy,


But that doesn’t mean that we should abandon all hope of the good

Because when we do,

We decide that there is nothing, really, that is left.