What Really Matters

I believe the world is big and full and scary and beautiful.

The only world that is going to shit is in your mind.

Yes, while we sit back and wait to be toasted like crackers in the waves of climate change and watch political processes become eroded by monsters we may have reason to dismay.

But what does your day to day look like?

What green grass do you roam through on all your days to gainful employment and how does it feel to have the satisfaction of being loved by someone?

What is your life full of besides joy and sadness on a treadmill that recycles and ebbs and flows these emotions through different seasons of your life?

There was a time not so long ago that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to live. Or live the life I had created for myself because it was too painfully different and plus, I was clinically depressed after welcoming what is mistakenly named a bundle of joy.

We obviously take life for granted and sometimes, this almost seems like the point.

It’s as though our lives must pass us by to make death all that more stark and meaningful; as if our deathbed/deathplace has to be filled with the stench of deep regret for never ever, really, being there.

What are we doing wrong to live a life that only inevitably ends in a death we aren’t expecting? That actually catches us by surprise.

Oh, there’s lots.

Too much to list here.

But one thing I would venture to guess if I was a betting woman would be that we don’t care about what matters, but we do think we care, and in our confusion we fight with those we love and those we once loved and those we will never love. Not really.

Why do we care more about how the world and those in it perceive us than we care about the people in it?

Why do we care more about having all the things we can’t possible use, or gaze at, or employ all the days of our lives?

What is life if only a meaningless propulsion from one day to the next?

From one shower to the next shower to the groundhog day of showering that makes us ask, “What are we doing?” “Why am I here?” “What is the point?”

The trick is that the point – our point – is not some celebrity-style fame and fortune but the common courtesy of caring about, caring for, each other.

In a world of politics and magicians who make reality on their own terms, the only way to survive is to stick together.

Let’s only and always have each other’s backs because saying the world is going to shit isn't enough proof that we have lost all of what really matters.