Fearsome Creatures

Did you know that mothers can be sexy?

Not like in that fearsome forced way of Madonna or Victoria.

But in this gentle space where acceptance meets body?

There are so many paths to hating ourselves that loving our bodies seems too simple to work.

Why bother when we can share and shift in worn grooves in the road of our patterned conditioning that calls for pure disgust for ourselves?

Disgust for the bodies that treat us with all the kindness they can muster. 

That may or may not have betrayed us and our secrets with budding those breasts at 12 and years old, and maybe some attention from unwanted folks at 15, 19, 26 and slowly halting, decreasing, as we move through our later years.

But these bodies have always been there for us. 

In some shape or form. 

Some state beyond mind. 

But did you know that you don’t have to love all the soft spots and creeping veins and dark hair growing in tuffs in places you would never have imagined in order to deeply care, and take care, of who you are as more than just a collection of pretty things?

Did you know that pretty, small, and cute might be goals for dolls and barndance halls but maybe not for grown-ass women who are just trying to declutter their minds, desks, and their lives?

What about us in that tipping point before youth is wiped from our faces, our bodies, and even the way we see the world?

What about us?

All of us. 

So many and so beautiful in myriad ways that get ignored because culture calls on us to all look like 11 year-old boys who have never pushed a baby through their pelvis or bore the scars, the accumulated life etchings, of real life on their skin?

We can’t all be children forever. So why are infantilized and kept distracted by shiny things?

Is it frightening to think that if we rose up and just accepted, and god forbid, loved ourselves just as we are, then the plates of the earth might shift and all would have to would acknowledge our true and total supremacy over that which – those who – seek to keep us down? 

Why don’t we rise up and see just what kind of fearsome creatures we can be?