Chasing Good

Life makes us not so young anymore.

We knew so many truths before we were ravaged by the world's truth; the truth that we sometimes know little beyond our own experience.

What we thought we knew then, we know we don't know now. 

Yet we still have truths that burn fires in our chests and yet, we do not speak them.

Instead we judge and ponder and poke at the slightest trespasses of others, trying to keep ourselves safe in the protective armor of criticism and complaint.

What does freedom taste like when we walk in the shoes of another?

What does freedom look like when we finally acknowledge that the world isn't about us. Any of us. Really. 

There is little in this world that is important.

Someone recently had me take stock of the import of all the things in my life and then weigh, percentage-wise, where I put most of my time.

An eye-opening experience. While my values fit my goals, my goals, they are aplenty. 

Finding peace within ourselves has nothing to do with all the superficial shit we are sold or told or meant to consume.

Will you be happier if you are thinner? I have no idea. But in the scheme of things, doesn't kindness trump scales?

I mean, "do what you love" is such a common refrain, but doesn't it really mean do what you want or do what makes you
feel good?

Why do we chase good is all the wrong places? 

Why do we fret about this or that or the other thing we do have (enough food for example) and those things we don't have (this trinket, that car, this body, that life)?

It is a misnomer to say that one should live their best life. 

Isn't someone's "best life" service to others?

And not in this prescribed way that says mothers must sacrifice for their children or we must save the souls of those who haven't found god. A god. Any god. 

But in this actual, physical, beautiful and deeply profound service where we give freely of ourselves in order to sustain ourselves and others. 

Where giving of ourselves actuall makes us real. Makes us live. Makes us walk a path of service that is beyond narrow hopes and dreams for ourselves.

What can we do - what must we do - to really serve another?

What can we do right now to make a difference in the pocket of the world that we were lucky enough to be born in where peace (for the most part) reigns and if we are free to live our own dreams, how do we contribute to the dreams of