No Receipt

My daughter asks me why her new school is better.

It’s not better I say, only different.

It turns out that I’m struggling with separation

Just as the world reels from the injustice

Of forcible separation of mother and child.

My heart and guts wrench

Every day that I drop her off

Somewhere new and unknown

Knowing I’ll see her again

And her spirit will be lifted

Changed by her experiences in a new environment.

I am given no receipt for my child

Not shackled, chained, and caged

But still my heart bleeds

To think of her

Frightened and alone

Despite the smiling pictures of her I receive

That assure me all is okay.

These are my problems,

My current situation.

Feeling torn from my child

When I don’t know the meaning of it.

When I haven’t walked and traveled in the hot sun

For months at a time

Fleeing danger and persecution

Atop beastly speeding trains

Clutching her like my own possession in the world

Which, she is,

When it comes right down to it.

The only thing I really have is my family.

The people I love.

When pockets are emptied at the border

And lives and loves are torn apart.

All you have is the hope to be reunited.

And even though I know I will be

My heart dances in pain

Until I see her again.