Women Have Always Heard Me

Women have always heard me.

They have always wanted me to have my own voice.


There were some who didn’t like what I had to say or how I said it or what I wore or how I did or did not flatter, threaten, or particularly like them.

But those are the relationships that are fleeting, enforced by time and/or circumstance.

And only make you stronger.

This is how all women make us strong.

Whether we are liked or hated, preferred or pathologized,

We are united.

We can choose to dislike another.

Her choices and her vanity.

Her particularities and her judgments.

Or we can simply accept that she has a voice dying to be unleashed as well.

She has a truth, and a power unlike any other.

She is unique and beautiful and insecure and scarred and scared.

Just like you.

She might lash out with a salty tongue and a taste for vengeance.

Or she may kill you with kindness to protect the ego she has been able to nurture

Amid the calls of never being good enough.

From every angle.

Every outlet tells her she is in competition with you.

Who should she believe?

Make her believe you.

Allow her to know that she has nothing to fear.

Let her know that you have hot coals in your throat,

Truths that you know she shares,

Also burning in your throat.

Tearing up your insides.

Waiting to get out.

You and she are one.

There are no two ways about it.

This is not to say identical.

But similar.

Similar in a way that makes you strong.



Especially together.

Because together,

You can do anything.