This Is Your Life

In the middle of the night, sweat-soaked realizations that this is your life.

You are made to pause.

Hearing that silence inside you that wants to scream.

That wants to be let out a door that you hope exists.

Into some kind of certainty.

Some kind of known.

I’ve dreamt a lot of dreams about nothing in particular

That still make me want to live deeply and forever

While other days the weight on my shoulders feels too thick to ever remove.

I am bound when I wish to be free

But I don’t know what freedom is.

I tie myself in knots and am only now realizing what it means to have a voice.

A purpose that is beyond what I had let myself imagine.

I gain not so much courage as a willingness to less likeable

Than I was taught to be.

The heaviest shackles are in our mind and so



We absolutely hold the key.

We are imprinted by how far we were allowed to spread our wings.

And we shuffle through life as though our flight wings have been cut.

We are pitiful creatures that mope about more when we have all we could wish for and more.

What we are missing is knowledge of our strength, beauty, and luck.

Our fortunate births and our fragrant surroundings

And the lack of need to hope for something better.

We are aimless and dissatisfied

But we are also strong and unwilling to show our strength

When we move from placating to really and truly being

We will prove to ourselves that nothing more is needed except

The confidence in ourselves to change our perspective

On all that we hope could be.