Stop Looking Inside Yourself for What Isn’t There

Sometimes we want things so badly.

They tear up our insides and scratch at us to get out.

We want and want and want.

Never satisfied.

Always hungry.

Always shifting our weight like stabled horses tired of waiting.
Even though we rarely know where we are going.

We walk the edge of perpetual dissatisfaction.

Our clothes chafing.

Our minds racing.

Wanting out.

Wanting more.

Wanting less.

So insatiable.

But never full.

What fills one up leaves a deep void in the next.

We cannot all eat the same porridge, no matter the temperature.

With childlike tantrums we throw what we have on the floor and squander what is good because it is so mundane.

We walk, blithely and blindly through life, thinking it owes us something concrete.

Something we can taste and hold onto.

It owes us nothing.

But only the sick, and weak, and infirm know this.

They know about how life can turn on you.

Like you are nothing.

Like you have no responsibilities or cares.

Which you didn’t.

Until you did.

We are not owed happiness or contentment or even joy.

We are not entitled to any day on this earth.

We are granted it by the grace of all that is good.

But we must make ourselves deserving of the right to walk the earth without a care in the world.

This is not even karma, but something much more base.

The price we pay for being given so much.

The lengths we must go to make meaning of what is otherwise meaningless.

We must walk miles before we sleep.

And we must do so in another’s shoes.

We must toil and labour in support of another to make this life worth living.

You cannot turn away from what must be your cross to bear.

Stop looking inside yourself for what isn’t there.

It is only in service to another that we will find hope.

Hope for ourselves and hope for the world.

We must work for more than dollars.


We must lighten the burden of those whose shoulders stoop from the weight of a world where everyone is all for none.

We can commit to the burden of others in the same way we can commit to our eternal happiness.

We just must.

We must.