He Is My Heart

He is my heart.

He turned me inside out before I knew he would be mine forever.

The summer we met, I spent my days punch drunk in love.

Totally wasted on the thought of him.

Knowing life with him would be my biggest adventure.

Knowing that he, and he alone, had so much to teach me about life.

About love.

About loving.

He patches the jagged spots in broken parts of my soul daily.

He has helped me live.


When all was lost, including myself, he told me I would live again.

And I believed him because he would not lie to me.

Not about life and death.

Not about who I was or could be again.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love him more, she came.

And made him the most beautiful father you have ever seen.

The first time he bathed her, like a giant with a delicate flower, he gentleness astounded me.

His love for her transforms my love for him.

It makes me weak.

It makes me strong.

It makes me live.

It makes life something I could not have wished for.

It has made us brave.


We face this world together.


A team.

Not against the world.

But in the warm embrace of what this life has to offer.