Families Belong Together

And we think we know what pain is.

But do we know what it is to not know where you child is?

If they are dead or alive?

If they are sleeping well in the cages of “democratic” rule?

If someone has changed their diapers?

Do we really know what it is to know that your children are screaming for you,

But you can only hear them in your heart

Because you simply don’t know where they are.

When you will see them again.

What cross you will have to bear to be reunited.



For how long?

If one parent knows this pain

So do we all.

Liberal fanaticism my ass.

Who takes babies from their mothers?

Who does that?


Evil doers.

The “worst criminals we have ever seen.”

Yet we think we are immune to threats to our own well-being.

To the well-being of the world.

We are not.

We are in a spiral that will only draw us under.

If we don’t speak the truth of what is wrong in this world.

We must use the power of our collective voice,

The voice that tells the truth about injustice and trauma and pain.

To stop hearts from being broken forever.

To stop the pleading of small voices who only need to be found by those who made them and would never leave them.

Were it not for the injustice of those with great wealth

Who spit on those who are less fortunate.

What evil looks like is someone who would enforce laws that are not severe

In the most severe way possible.

Evil locks people in cages and then rages that someone else made them do it.

It is the work of Nazis and assimilationists and those who want to build empires on the bones of others.

It cannot stand.

So we must.

You are not powerless.

You are called to lend your voice to those who need you.

Rise up.

Use your voice.

Scream louder than is necessary for justice.

We cannot stand idly by

As those who wish to deny freedom to some scratch away at the freedoms that every human, and every human child, has the right to.


Call up your battle cry.

It’s time.