Whimsical Fairy Parenting - An Approach and How To Guide

So before Aya turned a year, my husband dubbed my style of parenting "Whimsical Fairy Parenting" (WFP for short) which, as you can imagine, was probably the biggest compliment I'd received up until that point in my life. He said it with love and humour and it sticks in my heart as a guide to everyday parenting.

Now this doesn't mean that it's all rainbows and that I make animal pancakes and pack love notes in my kid's lunch every morning but rather that the way I live my life, with the belief that life is fun - or at least that it can be - with some positivity and kindness, can be a parenting philosophy and can potentially influence the happiness your child experiences. I want to be a Whimsical Fairy Parent forever - even when it embarrasses Aya and she screams at me to stop singing or doing some other crazy shit that she finds horrifying. 

Being a Whimsical Fairy Parent means that I don't follow all the rules of Mommying (with a Capital M) and it can be tough when someone suggests, either overtly or passively, that I should. It's taken me a loooooooooooong time to get to a place where I don't freak out over the thought that the tiniest thing I do potentially messing Aya up forever, so I think a full on embrace of WFP is in order. 

So, what will that look like? Here are some handy tips to brush up on your Whimsical Fairy Parenting repertoire. This list will also help you assess your WFP prowess. 

  1. WFP is characterized first and foremost by living your core beliefs. That is, do you think tiny human farts, and all farts in general, are hilarious? Then laugh loudly at every fart. This shows consistency in your parenting approach. 
  2. Do you believe in unicorns? Then use the opportunity of having a child to buy ALL THE UNICORN THINGS!!!
  3. Do you love to eat fast food? Then ensure your child loves fries. But only from the place that you love getting fries at. 
  4. Do you believe eating in front of the TV or while playing with blocks and/or plastic bugs is ideal? Me too. 
  5. Do you sing random songs about bugs being on your shoe to your daughter until you notice other people have stopped what they are doing to look at you? Then you might be a Whimsical Fairy Parent. 
  6. Does your kid say "Mommy funny" more than "Daddy funny"? If so, you might be winning at life. (Sorry Honey).
  7. Do you try to think up the most fun thing you can possible think of and then ask your kid of they want to do it!?!?! Do you also not mind when they are like, "No Mommy. No." Cause I kinda do. 
  8. Do you like ice cream a lot? Good.
  9. Do you like taking three million pictures of everything you do? Also, good.
  10. Does the idea of one day wearing matching outfits and maybe tiaras and a boa and maybe getting a mani/pedi with your daughter that is called something like "Princess & Queen Spa Day" make you totally bonkers excited?!?! Then, CONGRATULATIONS! You are are a Whimsical Fairy Parent!

I don't want to get all uppity or anything but some Mommy Friends said to me recently that I am making all the best choices for myself, Aya, and my family and I am letting Aya make choices (albeit constrained choices - example: Me: Do you want to put your hair in a ponytail? Aya: No. Me: Seriously, just come over here). In fact, one my my Mommy Friends said, "She is not coddled and is learning what she likes and doesn't like...what she can do for herself and she will thank you for in the long run." It made my heart tingly and melty. 

Finally, if you heart gets tingly and melty ALL THE TIME at anything related to your tiny magical unicorn kid, then you are probably a Whimsical Fairy Parent so KEEP KILLIN' IT MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end.