So I Walk Into a Pharmacy and I Says, I Says...

While I was recently at my local neighbourhood pharmacy, getting a consult about birth control I didn't need because I'm not fifteen, the pharmacist, who himself looked roughly fifteen, was educating me about the benefits and pitfalls of the pill.

When it came to the topic of "doubling up" on methods of birth control as is recommended in order for the pill to take effect, he indicated that I need only do that for seven days, not the 30 days my doctor had recommended.

The exchange went something like this:

Me: "Oh, seven days? Are you sure? My doctor said 30 days." (Ever the conscientious and dutiful patient).

Justin Bieber's best friend, who is also a local pharmacist: "Wait. Let me double-check that."

Me: "Yeah, thad be great. And also, if you could write down your home address as well because I WILL DROP MY SECOND BABY OFF AT YOUR HOUSE IF YOU'RE WRONG."

And we laughed and laughed and finally decided that any second babies would be dropped off at the headquarters of the manufacturer of birth control pill I am currently on that may or may not take effect for many days.

The end.