A Holiday Survival Guide for Mamas - 10 Last Minute Holiday Tips

Alright Mamas. It’s that time of year again. One day into the holidays and you are already exhausted and kinda wish daycare was open over the next two weeks.

So here are some last minute holiday tips to get you through the final push without pushing your loved ones into the snow and leaving them to fend for themselves (I mean, Moses was alright in the end, amirite?):

  1. Whenever possible, have a DD (designated driver) and bring your favourite wine WHEREVER YOU GO. I don’t care if it’s Nana’s fancy nursing home apartment. She’ll probably thank you.
  2. Let your kid wear whatever they want. And by this I mean ANYTHING. If they want to wear what they rolled out of bed in three days ago, no probs. If they don’t want to wash their hair and nothing is growing in it (and even if it is a non-toxic mold), let them at it. Also, if they want to bring a giant toy to Christmas dinner, of course! Make room in the backseat. Christmas is a time for survival Mamas! Don’t ever forget that.
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, talk about world politics with your family. They will make it seem light and fun and then the next thing you know you are frothing at the mouth and swearing that if you ever see Uncle Bill again, you’ll cut him. It’s not worth it. Especially if you are preggers.
  4. Try to remember that Christmas is not about you. This one is a tough one for me because I am a grown-up child and a literal fanatic about Christmas. I miss the lavish attention my partner and I used to be able to give each other during those many lazy long-past holidays we used to spend together. As I grow up as a mother I realize that it’s about her whether or not she realizes that a great big man is supposed to squeeze his ass down our chimney in a few days or not. Please note, this is not about “sacrificing for your children” or any such bullshit. It just helps babies like me realize that not everything has to be about me or the way I want it to be (or the way it was) to still be good.
  5. People will say stupid things about your kid(s) and how you are raising them. Remember that you are doing great, you know your kid(s) best, and that parenting when most of these people did was a time that no one really remembers because of drunk driving, key parties, and shag carpeting. Your know, the good old days
  6. Do not compare yourself with other mothers who seems like they have their shit together. If they do – fantastic! If they don’t and just look like it – good for them! Someone will always make you feel inadequate Mama. Don’t let it affect you. No one mamas like you do and you are just what your children need. Always.
  7. Your kid is probably going to have a meltdown at an inconvenient time. There is no shame in leaving somewhere early or disciplining the way you might at home (except that everyone is watching you when you need to calmly respond to a toddler slap to the face). I mean it feels and tastes like the shame of 1000 pants-ings, but it’s really not that bad.
  8. Don’t get caught up in other people’s expectations about how your kid should act. That’s about them.
  9. Bring extra clothes. For everybody.
  10. Remember that no matter how blasé everyone acts about having a child (like the whole, "been there done that" attitude that many people have) parenting is hard and people forget. Kids get little sleep and lots of candy and unexpected environments. Don’t for a second believe it’s not hard or that it is something you are doing if things “go wrong.” It’s just hard. Period.

Good luck Mamas! If we’re lucky we’ll drink too much mulled wine somewhere and pass out into a deep sleep that maybe, just maybe, gets us through the whole night.

Happy holidays!!!